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Kategorie: Zubeh r Zielfernrohre. Ausf hrung. The Kahles K624i is built like a tank. KAHLES Parallax Spinner (K Various) K525i, K318i, K624i, K1050 MOAK. Bitte w hlen f r K525i f r K318i f r K525i, K318i, K624i, K1050 MOAK Parallaxenrad (+54,00 ).

Der Kahles Parallax Spinner erm glicht schnelle Parallaxenanpassungen. Parallax adjustment (K312 II, K418TT, K624TT, K624i, K1050) l For shooting disciplines with varying ranges any distance can be set quickly and precisely right on the parallax adjustement. PARALLAX SPINNER. When you require precise long-distance adjustments on your K525i, K318i, K624i.

OHNE Gravur. Besonders hilfreich bei komplexen Schie szenarien. Kahles parallax spinner. Etched Distance Markers. Artikelnummer: 293-452. K624i K1050 Parallax Spinner. Standard Accessory l Plastic caps help to keep eyepiece and objective. The Kahles Parallax Spinner for K624i & K1050 scopes allows for rapid parallax adjustments during intense shooting scenarios. The Eye box is generous as far as off axis viewing is concerned. My Swarovski Z6i is a tad better in this. The Parallax Spinner features three extended arms for improved ergonomics.

Makes Parallax Adjustment Easier. F r: K525i K318i K624i K1050 MOAK. KAHLES Parallax Spinner (K Various) K525i, K318i, K624i, K1050 MOAK - Kahles. In the Box. Kahles K624i. Der Parallax Spinner verf gt ber drei verl ngerte Arme f r eine verbesserte Ergonomie. Auto-oversatt beskrivelse (Beskrivelse - Produsent): PARALLAX Mer.

The C&H Kahles Parallax Spinner for the Kahles k624i, k525i, k318i, and K1050 was custom designed in conjunction with Kahles and Team Kahles PRS Shooters. Kahles Parallax Spinner. In this Kahles K624i Video Review we go over the Kahles 624i turrets, Glass, Reticles, Parallax and more.

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In den Warenkorb. Left or right handed shooters will find the unique and innovative parallax adjustment, located under the elevation turret, superior to all other designs.

Please write a review. Kahles Parallax Spinner for K624i K1050 MOAK Riflescopes. Kahles K525i K624i K1050 MOAK K318i. Three Integrated Levers. Geben Sie die erste Bewertung f r diesen Artikel ab. Illumination knob and rheostat smoothness is. Holiday Deals Alert! Reviews for Kahles Parallax Spinner. For more info on the Kahles click on the link. Bli f rst med att s tta betyg p denna produkt.

Kahles Parallax Spinner (K525i K318i K624i K1050 MOAK). This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. No reviews yet.

Parallax works very well and I like the knob position, but it was a tad stiff to rotate. Durchschnittliche Artikelbewertung.