Steiner 5250 H4Xi 3 12x56mm Hunting Rifle Scope Compact Design And Wide Field Of View

Steiner H4Xi 3-12x56mm, Illuminated Plex S1, Rifle Scope. Magnification: 3 - 12 x. Much Like the 3-12x50 Military Tactical riflescope by Steiner, the 3-12x56 Military Tactical Steiner riflescope is perfect for both long range and close-up shooting situations. 4x zoom factor provides a scope which has both a wide field of view at low power plus the ability to zoom up and. : Steiner 5250 H4Xi 3-12x56mm Hunting Rifle Scope - Compact Design and Wide Field of View : Sports & Outdoors. Lightweight, With A Large Field Of View. 4" mounting length permits use of the GS3 on short actions, muzzleloaders and lightweight mountain rifles.

3x - 12x magnification offers a generous field of view and.

Illuminated Reticle. Shop and Compare STEINER Rifle Scopes, Parts, and Accessories on Marketplace. 30mm main tube. Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm. The 3x - 12x magnification delivers a generous field of view and eye box, while the illuminated Plex S1 reticle features 11. 4x zoom gives you a maximum range and eliminates any tunneling effect to deliver the best image possible to your eye. Objective Size.

Steiner H4Xi riflescopes are powerful, lightweight, and versatile. Magnification Change. Features: High-con. Steiner Hunting Rifle Scope. The view is always crystal clear and dead certain. Person, and I do not intend to export this product. Once you're after that trophy, nothing can hold you back. The short 5. Even after countless monster-obsessed pursuits, Steiner optics are. Weighing in at 25 ounces. Directly Order WESTHUNTER WT-R 5-25X56SF Wide Field View Red Reticle Scope Illuminated Tactical Riflescope Rifle Sight. The Steiner S432 (4x zoom) is designed and engineered to be the best sight in the market due to the combination of optical quality, field of view. High-contrast optics deliver clarity at dusk and dawn with light transmission greater than 90.

It is available in 4-16x and 3-12x models, and is designed for long-range, precision hunting. They come with compact design as well as the wide field of view. Steiner 5250 H4Xi Black 3-12x 56mm Plex S1 Tactical Scope Hunting Riflescope 36). Compact versatility for virtually any rifle, plus an. Proprietary lens coatings creates high light transmission for incredible contrast to squeeze every bit of light from early morning to late in the day.

Steiner 5250 H4Xi 3 12x56mm Hunting Rifle Scope Compact Design And Wide Field Of View Details

This scope line is a high performing hunting scope. Built with a compact design while still being able to deliver a wide field of view for vast viewing, the Steiner H4Xi 3-12x56 Rifle Scope is an excellent. High-contrast optics wider field of view precise adjustments lightweight and rugged illuminated reticle. Second focal Plane. It s lightweight and with a large field of view. Steiner M332 Prism 3x32mm Rifle Scope 7.

Delivering clarity at critical times makes the Steiner H4Xi 3-12x56mm Rifle Scope your best choice for all-around hunting use. A Powerful All- Around Hunting Riflescope. Jan 29, 2018 With its 4x zoom system, the H4Xi matches up well with any rifle. Compact Design and Wide Field of View. Lightweight, with a large field of view. Waterproof and fogproof. H4Xi 3-12x56. A large field of view provides hunters with more opportunities to spot prey and set up the perfect shot that will mount prized bucks on the wall or. This Steiner MRS Micro Reflex. The new ICS Intelligent Combat Sight integrates a laser rangefinder and a ballistic calculator into a rugged, compact. 62 The Steiner 4A reticle sits in the second focal plane and provides a simple, uncluttered aiming tool. Steiner H4Xi 3-12x56mm LRS Riflescope 5250 is a powerful all-around hunting riflescope. Hunting Scopes. With its 4x zoom system, the H4Xi matches up well with any rifle. Free Fedex Overnight shipping for the Steiner 3-12x56mm Military Riflescope Model 5356.

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56-millimeter objective end helps increase light transmission for brightness. A powerful all- around hunting riflescope. The Ranger riflescope series delivers a short construction with a wide field of view. Light weight with 705 g and large field of view. Newest design riflescopes wide field of view for Hunting Scopes. Wide Field. Shop Rifle Scopes. Select one of these thumbnail images to view it in the above larger display. 56mm objective lens. High-Contrast Optics Deliver Clarity At Dusk And Dawn With Light Transmission Greater Than 90. It's lightweight and with a large field of view. The illuminated Plex S1 reticle makes it simple to determine holdover for distance and wind compensation. Steiner H4Xi Riflescopes.

The H4Xi 3-12x56mm is a powerful all-around hunting riflescope. H4Xi are high-contrast optics allowing over 90% light transmission and delivering clarity at dusk and dawn. By high light transmission a perfect companion for hunting at night. ( )- Steiner's new H4Xi riflescope gives low-light options not previously available to hunters. Product Info for Steiner Riflescope H4Xi 3-12x-56mm LRS. High light transmission and precise illumination adjustments delivers perfect performance in any light. So in addition to providing the deadliest image you can get, Steiner.